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Where are the Bees? Va Pilot Article

 Everything we do to change the balance of nature can have far reaching negative effects that we may not ever be aware of.  Birds are being affected by decreased insect populations depriving them of their food. 

4th of July Parade - Fantastic Turn-out on the 5th!!

The rescheduled 4th of July Parade had record high attendance and perfect weather!! Fun was had by all..

Junior Civic League Park Project Tree Donation

The Alanton Junior Civic League raised over $100 during the neighborhood Yard Sale event, by selling baked goods. The JCL's goal was to raise enough money to sponsor a tree for the proposed Alanton Park.

New Pedestrian Path Completed!

The City of Virginia Beach, in collaboration with the Alanton Civic League, completed a new pedestrian path into the neighborhood this Spring. The residents of Alanton, North Alanton, and Linkhorn Cove can now safely exit and enter our neighborhoods via a newly constructed path and crosswalk.


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